The Best Wide Calf Rain Boots

Boots are an essential item for rainy, snowy, and muddy weather conditions. Keeping your feet and lower legs dry is easiest when you have a quality pair of rain boots.

Unfortunately, if you have large calves it can be difficult to find a pair that fits your legs. That's why we're going to take a look at the best wide calf rain boots you can find today.

Why Wide Calf Rain Boots​?

As you can probably guess, the main difference between a standard boot and a wide calf boot is in the fit. Wide calf rain boots will have a wider calf circumference to accommodate larger calves.

Some boots even have an adjustable calf area that fits a range of sizes, but this style of boot may not be as snug.

Let's take a look at our top five picks for extra wide rain boots.

Reviews Of The Best Wide Calf Rain Boots​

Polar Women's Adjustable Rubber Wellies

These are wellies, or "Wellington Boots." Popularized by the Duke of Wellington, they were a staple of 19th century British fashion.

Nowadays welly boots are normally made from a waterproof material like PVC, but the Polar wellies are rubber through and through.

Rubber is more expensive than PVC but has the advantage of lasting longer. Rubber is also more flexible and will remain pliable even at lower temperatures.

The rubber helps keep the feet dry, and its use on the sole gives this pair of wellies winter protection as well.

These boots may have a tendency to slide on slick surfaces due to their rubber construction, although the calendered sole provides extra traction outdoors.

The calf area is roomy and adjustable by way of a buckle. The fine tuning allows wearers to find the most comfortable fit for their measurements.

These boots are 10 inches tall and offer a decent amount of coverage for the lower legs. The larger opening helps accommodate those with wider calves.

The boots feature a decent insole that provides moderate arch support. This can be further enhanced by way of the insole inserts.

The tighter ankle area helps the boot fit more precisely and prevents that "loose boot" feeling.

There is room in the toe area for the feet to spread out slightly. This improves stability and keeps them from getting too hot.

The boots are quite heavy duty, making them ideal for trudging through the elements. They also provide greater protection for the feet.​

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  • Sturdy boots with good protection
  • Rubber is pliable and long-lasting
  • Adjustable calf area
  • Has some arch support
  • Lots of toe room​

Less Good

  • Narrow ankle fit can feel restrictive
  • May slides on some surfaces
  • Not available in half sizes​

Forever Young Animal Print Wellies​

These Wellington-style boots are available in various animal prints. This may appeal to those who aren't keen on solid colors.

At the least the prints stand out, making these boots anything but ordinary. They come in leopard, zebra, and animal camo prints, among others.

The boots are rubber, providing additional durability and flexibility. They are also waterproof, with the tradeoff being a slightly elevated price tag.

The rubber is glossy, which gives the boots a high shine and makes them easy to clean.

These boots are "straight-up" design. They are tight around the ankle rather than baggy. Depending on your size and preference, this may be a hindrance or a much-desired feature.

The foot area is plenty large, giving room for the toes to breathe.

The boots measure 14 inches in height. This will be below-knee for most, but still a good amount of coverage, even for taller ladies.

The insole also provides a one-inch platform, adding some height to your natural stance.

The boots fold easily, making them a cinch to pack and take in a bag or travel kit.

You can adjust the already roomy calf using the included strap. It provides an inch or so of leeway.

The boots do run large. Estimating down is a good way to get a more precise fit with these.

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  • Unique designs
  • Tall boots
  • Snug fit, but ample foot room
  • Adjustable calf size
  • Made from rubber

Less Good

  • No half sizes
  • No insole support
  • Inner lining prone to tears

Sloggers Women's Rain Boots

These are mid-calf boots with wide calf allowance. They measure 10.5 inches in height and 15.5 inches in calf circumference.

They aren't adjustable, but Sloggers did design them for comfort. They've combined features from "around the house" style footwear to achieve this.

Whereas many rain boots will have flat insoles, Sloggers has an insole that contours to the wearer's arch. The insole includes extra material at the heel and ball of foot. These thick, supportive insoles are one of the keys to a comfortable boot.

While these boots run true to size, the thicker insole means there may be instances in which you'll have to buy a size up. For instance, if you wear thick socks or have wider feet a slightly larger size might be appropriate.

For narrower feet, the only adjustment needed would be an insole insert to compensate. This may apply to many wearers, as these boots are somewhat loose in the ankle area.

The exterior of the boots is a tough resin. It is similar to rubber in characteristics and feel.

The boots do well in the rain, repelling water and keeping the feet warm and dry.

The cotton interior lining is comfortable, keeping the foot soft and snug.

The boot is available in a number of fun designs, but there are also solid colors for those who prefer a more understated look.

Another nice features of these boots is that they are proudly made in the USA.​

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  • Boots include comfortable insole
  • American made
  • Half sizes are available
  • Half sizes are available
  • These boots are tough/durable
  • Plenty of foot room

Less Good

  • Interior seams can irritate bare skin
  • Not quite as warm in snowy conditions
  • Might not come up the length of the calf on many women

Kamik Women's Heidi Rain Boot

​Kamik is a Canadian-based company that has been in business for nearly 120 years. They still make almost 75% of their boots in Canada.

The 11 inch Heidi rain boots will reach up to mid-calf on many wearers. They provide good calf room at 14 inches, though this is less than some other models.

The slightly reduced calf room is offset by the lower height. It provides some extra wiggle space, especially for taller individuals.

There is also a generous amount of foot room and will accommodate wider feet with ease.

The boots are a rubber construction, lending themselves to durability and excellent water resistance. They are also quite flexible.

These have better than average arch support, lending themselves to comfort. They also help take pressure off the legs and joints while standing and walking.

These boots are light and not particularly taxing on the feet. These boots have minimal cushioning and a thin lining, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Anyone who desires more cushioning though may require insole inserts. This will increase the weight of the boot somewhat, but it won't be an extreme change.

The boots are a snug fit, but true to size. Wearing them with socks may be difficult unless you get a size up.

Those that prefer sockless boot wearing will also require a fleece lining insert. Even without a lining, the boots are comfortable and warm.

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  • Good rain and water protection
  • Stylish design
  • Solid colors really "pop"
  • Lots of foot room
  • True to size

Less Good

  • Reduced calf opening size
  • No half sizes
  • Minimal lining

Joules Women's Welly Print Rain Boot

These rain boots are a blend of rayon and polyester. They provide great water resistance and durability.

The boots also have a cotton lining to increase warmth and comfort.

The boots are true to size, providing ample room. The boots measure 13 inches tall and about 16 inches around at the calf.

The calf opening is further adjustable if you make use of the buckle on top. This may be what you need if you have wide calves and are looking for an appropriate boot.

The boots have a curved rubber sole that offers a fair amount of traction in wet conditions. There is also a one-inch heel platform, providing a slight amount of lift.

The boots also have a thin wax layer to prevent premature weathering.

The Joules rain boot comes in wide range of patterns and designs. The image above doesn't even show half of the available options! Choices range from a navy blue striped pattern to several floral prints. There is likely something that will appeal to every fashion sensibility.

The boots are not too heavy, and most will find that their feet quickly adjust to the weight.

You can wear these for extended periods without wear or pain on the feet. This makes them a good "all-day comfort" option.

The boots can even handle some snow and ice. With a heavy pair of socks, they shield wearers from the cold quite nicely.

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  • Adjustable calf area with lots of room
  • Tall boots with good leg coverage
  • Comfortable interior lining
  • Blended exterior material is tough
  • Blended exterior material is tough
  • Rubber soles provide traction

Less Good

  • No half sizes
  • Color can fade on some designs
  • No arch support​

Finding A Great Wide Calf Rain Boot​

​Will require you to find a pair of rain boots that is solid all-around first. There are a few main features to keep in mind.


This will affect how the boots feel and how well they keep out water. For exterior materials, rubber and some synthetic blends are most often the way to go.

They are durable, flexible, and in most cases waterproof. PVC is an option but has a cheaper feel than other materials.

Rubber also makes a quality sole. It provides traction and grip during rainy and snowy conditions.

As far as interiors, a cotton or fleece lining will keep most wearers the warmest.

Too much material will make the boots heavy, and hard to move in. Too little will sacrifice the boot's protective abilities.

You should always bear this in mind and balance those factors accordingly.


There are four main points to keep in mind when it comes to size. The height of the boot, the foot area, ankle, and the calf circumference.

The boot height is largely a matter of personal preference. Some like the boot to come all the way up to the knee, others prefer the mid-calf region.

The foot area should have room for the toes to move. Too tight and it will cause pain to the feet and affect your ability to walk.

The calf should have enough room for you to fit in as well. Boots with wide openings, or openings that you can adjust may be the best options for those with wide calves.

The ankle can be narrow or loose. Loose ankles give the boots the "loose boot" appearance, which some enjoy. If you prefer a tighter, straighter look though you'll need a tighter ankle fit.

You'll also have to pay attention to whether a boot runs large, small, or true to size. You will want to leave room in the boot to fit socks or inserts if you like to wear them.


The exterior look of a boot is a display of individuality and style. Some enjoy solid colors while others enjoy funky prints or patterns.

Boots that come in multiple styles offer more value to a wider range of users. You might tend towards those if you like to experiment with different styles.

Closing Thoughts

Of our top picks, the Joules Women's Welly Print Rain Boots beat out the bunch. These boots have what most wearers are likely looking for in a well-fitting package.

These boots are tall, covering a large portion of the leg. They also have a large calf circumference that is adjustable.

These boots are a waterproof synthetic mix. They also include an interior lining for increased comfort.

The ankle area is not too tight but provides a stylish straight up look. The foot area has room for the toes to spread and balance the body well.

The feel of the boots is not too heavy. This allows wearers to go hours pain-free and keep stress off the joints.

The boots also have a wide range of styles and patterns. No matter who is looking, they are likely to find a pair of these extra wide calf rain boots they like.​

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